The Games Have Begun! Visit the calendar and sign up for any open events that do not say REGISTRATION CLOSED.

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Company Registration



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If you don't find your business name listed under participating companies, please have your Company Representative  fill out this form to be registered for the Los Angeles 2017 Spring Corporate Challenge season.

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I hereby certify that I have used my best efforts to supervise, manage and maintain the integrity of the registration process with respect to the participating entity for which I am Company Coordinator, and to the best of my knowledge and information, all of the individuals are actual individuals participating in this year’s Los Angeles Corporate Challenge (LACC) games and events on behalf of my participating entity satisfy the LACC eligibility rules and requirements, and have each knowingly and voluntarily read and agreed to the written conditions of participation, including the liability waiver, release, and assumption of risk provisions; the indemnity provisions; the certification of good health; and the provisions concerning permission to use name and photo. I further certify that I will assist LACC in monitoring individual participation in the LACC games, and in the event I learn that any individual intends to participate, is participating, or has participated in LACC games or events who does not meet the LACC eligibility requirements, or has not read or agreed to any or all of the terms and conditions of participation, I will promptly report such fact to the LACC Executive Director, Games Director or a board member, and use my best efforts to deter such individual’s further participation.